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Newborn Gear Tips: Baby Carriers


Baby Gear Tips: Baby Carriers

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The main thing about baby carriers is really what to avoid. There are a lot of good ones. You'll see these kinds of slings, they were more popular when I was down in Texas or in Austin, TX and stuff. Where the baby is like in there, you see a baby in there, but it is carried like a sash. You can't see the head and the baby is kind of like this if you can imagine.

The problem with this is the hips, but also their head ends up like this. You can't monitor their breathing because they are closed in there.

A lot of women like the wraps. I say women because I've never been able to figure this out how to get this on myself without looking like a sumo wrestler going into battle. But you can do it in a way that is safe. There are several moms using different versions and they all had them correctly placed and the hips were in good position, the baby's head was supported and their nose was visible to breath So those are the biggest things.

Learn advice for new parents when purchasing a baby carrier for their newborn.