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Newborn Gear Tips: Buying a Diaper Bag


Baby Gear Tips: Buying a Diaper Bag

Boys Town Pediatrics

When you get a stroller and you are looking at Babies “R” Us or Target for it, grab a diaper bag that you are interested in buying and try to get it underneath the spot where you’d normally carry it and see if it will fit. The one we have now, that we love for pushing; I can’t fit hardly anything underneath that thing without getting the kid out of the stroller first and kind of kicking the diaper bag underneath it. So just make sure it will fit, otherwise it’ll be a pretty frustrating experience if you get one and it doesn’t fit easily in your stroller you’re having to walk around pushing that and holding this and sometimes pushing an empty stroller and holding a kid and a diaper bag.

Tips for new parents when shopping for the perfect diaper bag.