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Newborn Gear Tips: Nasal Suction & Saline Spray


​Baby Gear Tips: Nasal Suction and Saline Spray

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When you give birth in the hospital they are going to give you one similar to this. This is your best friend. You can't buy them online, you can't find them anywhere else, that are the same type. So when they give you one that is similar to this, it may be a different color, but nice and squishy, just guard it, protect it, just make sure you keep it.

They sell smaller versions of this that are hard little plastic and they seem ok at first glance. Oh I can get it pretty far up there and get a bugger but don't buy those, they don't create enough suction. They are too small and you can go too high in the nose. You can cause a lot of nasal trauma which causes more swelling. This is a battery operated one. I really like these. These are like thirty bucks. You just put them up the nose and push the button. If you aren't getting good suction with any of these, you can occlude the opposite nostril, so if I'm going to suction this nostril, you occlude this one and you get a better suction force. If it's just sucking entirely and no air is moving then you just kind of pulsate it to let air in.

These actually kind of gross me out but people swear by them and they love them. I think they really work. Basically you stick one in your baby's nose. There is a filter and a trap and put the other end in your mouth and you suction it out. Some people love it. You know I love my children. They'll slobber all over my face. I don't necessarily want to suck their booger smell in my mouth but it works pretty well.

Before you suction a baby, you want to put some saline drops in there to loosen it up. They sell tons of them in the store. Buy the biggest generic model of just nasal saline spray that they sell. There is no adult or baby version. There is no special brand version. They sell ones that are like a pressurized canister that you push, those are ok. I find it hard sometimes with little babies because when you push down it moves the tip a little bit so you may be in the nose then you push and the tip flips out and sprays up in their face. Get one of these guys.

Do one nostril a little bit, let it sit in there, then do the other nostril, and let it sit in there. If they are not struggling breathing through their nose at all, then just let it sit you don't have to suction. If they're struggling, hold down your suction, occlude the other nostril; put it in there just so it's in a little bit. Again we aren't trying to hub it and damage their nostril. Do that one, then do the other one and then you're done. Your baby will feed better and breath better especially during cold and flu season.

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