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Newborn Gear Tips: Swaddling Blankets


Baby Gear Tips: Swaddling Blankets

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You can swaddle during the day. It's one of the best things to keep a baby cozy and comfy. They like to be cozy like this. You'll notice when you open up to change a diaper they start going nutty in the first couple of months because they are uncomfortable. I'm just going to show you my favorite blankets for swaddling as a dad because I wasn't as good with the other ones. These Carter ones that are stretchy, they have a little bit of stretch with them. Any blanket with a little stretch makes your swaddle that much easier and tighter to do.

Some of the old nurses that come in, it looks like they did an internship at Chipotle, you know. They'll present your baby in this nice thing, and you'll try for the first time and the blanket falls off. This kind of blanket, the stretchy one, makes it much easier because they are a square so they make a nice diamond which gives you symmetric sides. I also love these. These are Aden and Anais ones. There are all sorts of different blankets. These ones are nice because they are just humongous, you can wrap them up with it, or say you are somewhere, we were stuck in the airport for a long time, and we're like ok here is your playground, you can go lay on the ground, its fine.

Or hey it's a sunny day outside; we're going to go outside. Let me put this over the car seat to cover you from the sun we are going in, but it's still cloth and breathable.

Advice for new parents when purchasing swaddling blankets for their newborn.