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The Learning Academy


The Learning Academy

Boys Town Center for Behavioral Health


"I want you to start right here and just read until I tell you to stop."

The Learning Academy is a service we've developed here at the Behavioral Health Clinic to help kids who are struggling academically.

It is open to all students in the Omaha and surrounding areas. We provide two services. Skills training and then tutoring and skills training is a service that we provide for kids who have not developed their foundational skills in reading, writing, math or spelling.

In order for kids to be successful in school they have to have those foundations and if somewhere along the way they didn't get what they needed, school is still progressing and they're floundering.

As school psychologists, we're trained in a lot of targeted interventions that really focus on developing  and strengthening those early academic skills.

"Read the whole sentence."

We figure out where the gaps are in kids' knowledge and really try to strengthen those skills by coming up with targeted and individualized interventions. We are continually monitoring their progress and setting goals.

Our recommendation, initially, is three days a week that we would work with a student and make sure that we know what skills we're targeting and get an intervention in place that is going to be effective. At the end of a four week duration we can train parents to do that intervention. We check back with them monthly to make sure that they're making progress.

The tutoring program is designed to help kinds in middle school and high school who are struggling with knowledge specific to certain areas. It would be two days a week for an hour at a time.

With tutoring we can look at, what are those areas that students are struggling and help build up those skills more effectively.

If they're just having trouble organizing or taking effective notes in English or in Math, we would help them develop some better note-taking and organization skills.

We have our general structure but we make an individualized plan for each kid that comes in based on what their needs are.

​​One of the things that's unique about our program is that it's run by licensed school psychologists. We have training in specific ways to help students be more organized, be better note-takers, help them prioritize the work or assignments they have to do. This is a more effective way for us to be able to offer some of the strategies that we know about to families to help kids do better at school.​

The Learning Academy is a new program offered by the Boys Town Center for Behavioral Health. Led by licensed school psychologists, the program specializes in helping children achieve academic success through the use of individualized, innovative, and research supported interventions. The Learning Academy offers two distinct services: Academic Skills Training & Content Area Tutoring. All students in Omaha and the surrounding areas can participate.