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Tips on How to Keep Child Safe Online


Tips On How To Keep Child Safe Online

Hi t​here and welcome, I'm Pat Persaud. I hope your morning is off to a great start. Today we are talking with Lindsey Hauser​, who is a Psychologist at the Boys Town Behavioral Health Clinic.

Let's talk a little bit about the clinic and maybe people don't realize that you do individualized counseling services there.

Yes, we do individual counseling service, family counseling, behavioral assessments and we do some academics assessments as well. It is wide range of things that we do.

A great resource for parents! Talking about that, let's talk a little bit about internet safety and this is why you are here today to give parents a heads up on what goes on that they might not be aware of.

Internet safety is really important because everybody is connected these days. Youth are on their phones and they are on their computers, laptops all over the place. Kids are getting themselves in some trouble sometimes so it is good for parents to be communicating with their kiddos about what they're doing online. It's also good for parents to be limiting the amount of time kids are spending online.

Something that I do is I make my kids friend me on their Facebook account. Is that something that more parents should do?

It is one of my number one recommendations that if your kids are online, on Facebook or Twitter, you are always following them.

And there are ways they can get around it so it is up to the parent to become a little bit more educated as well right?

It is and the best way to learn is to ask your kids. Parents have a really hard time doing that because they don't want their kids to think they are being nosy or invading their privacy but it is really important that parents are following their kids.

As you mentioned, everyone is connected. Everyone is on the internet.  It's good for us to be aware.

Yes, and there is a new social media site that pops up every day.

Lindsay, thank you so much and thank you for choosing​​​

Gain advice on how to keep your child safe online from Lindsey Hauser, Psy. D., with Boys Town Behavioral Health Clinic.