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What is a Certified Lactation Counselor?


What is a Certified Lactation Counselor?


Breastfeeding isn't just like putting a bottle of formula together and the baby eats it. It's a lot more complicated and so moms usually have a lot more questions. We're trained to assist with breastfeeding and lactation support for, mostly, new moms.

What are the benefits of using a Certified Lactation Counselor?

We're here to offer support when mom might just give up, or mom might stop after two months when they go back to work because they have no idea they can pump and be successful at that.  So by having a lactation counselor to assist in their questions, whether by phone or coming in just to meet with us, we usually see more success in long-term breastfeeding.

Where can I see a Lactation Counselor?

A patient would come to the office for a check-up. If the mom is having any problems or questions with breastfeeding, any problems with milk supply or latching, then the mom could see the Lactation Counselor to assist with those problems.

What is a common problem you can assist with?

The baby doesn't always latch correctly and that will cause a whole bunch of problems. Mom gets frustrated, baby gets frustrated and then sometimes that's the end of breastfeeding. By coming to us that's usually a real simple problem to solve.​​​

​Certified Lactation Counselor's are available at Boys Town Pediatrics to support mother's who are breastfeeding or need lacatation assistance.