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Stop the Summer Learning Slump

Stop the Summer Learning Slump

​​If you feel like your children come home for summer break every year only to have weeks upon weeks of learning just fall out of their heads, you probably aren’t that far off. Studies comparing standardized test scores show that students lose about one month’s worth of education over summer break, especially in math-related areas. Fortunately, research also shows that the Boys Town Behavioral Health Clinic has a solution.​​​

Even though school is out, the Boys Town Learning Academy, run by Boys Town’s Center for Behavioral Health, is still up and running. Using research-based methods to help students improve school skills, the Learning Academy has two components: academic skills training and content area tutoring. While skills training can help students who need to improve general skills such as reading for comprehension, tutoring focuses on helping students with four specific subjects: English, math, science and social studies.

Before students begin attending tutoring sessions, they meet with a licensed school psychologist who evaluates their strengths and weaknesses to craft an individualized plan. Then the student is assigned a high school or college student to meet with for one hour twice a week.

Sending your child to the Learning Academy isn’t just going to improve grades for one class. In the end, the psychologists and tutors want their students to walk away with an increased understanding of the subject they once struggled with, but also the skills to help themselves improve with future classes that cause difficulties. The program is goal-oriented, meaning Boys Town’s psychologists will be supervising and evaluating on a regular basis to determine if the plan is working, or if adjustments need to be made.

If you think your student would benefit from individualized academic attention, check out the Learning​ Academy page on the Boys Town Pediatrics website, under the Counseling Services tab.​