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Winter Wellness

​​​​Winter brings about hot chocolate and carefree days playing in the snow, but also a whole new set of health risks. Check out these quick tips from Dr. Megann Sauer​, Boys Town Pediatrician, and learn how to keep your family safe and healthy this season.

Guidelines for Outdoor Winter Play

Do you ever find yourself wondering if it’s safe for your kids to play outside in the winter? These guidelines will help you decide when your children can venture outside and when they should stay indoors.


Everyone is susceptible to frostbite, but children are at greater risk than adults because they lose heat from their skin faster. Learn what frostbite looks like, how parents should rewarm their child's skin if they suspect frostbite and how frostbite can be prevented.

Winter Skincare for Your B​aby

Your baby’s skin is thin and more likely to be damaged by cold temperatures. These tips will help you keep your little one’s skin safe during the cold winter months.

Prevent Dry Skin During Winter

Environmental and medical factors can cause dry skin in the winter. Follow tips to protect your family’s skin during the cold months ahead.