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Pediatric Advisor 2015.3: Category: Injuries

Topics followed by * (asterisk) are available in Spanish. Brief versions of topics have a reading level no higher than 4th grade.

Abdominal Muscle Strain
Abdominal Muscle Strain: Illustration*
Abdominal Muscle Strain: Teen Version*
Animal Bites*
Ankle Fracture*
Ankle Sprain: Illustration*
Ankle Sprain: Teen Version*
Bee or Yellow Jacket Stings
Bee or Yellow Jacket Stings: Brief Version*
Bleeding in the White of the Eye (Subconjunctival Hemorrhage)*
Blisters: Foot or Hand*
Bone, Muscle, or Joint Injury*
Bone, Muscle, or Joint Injury: Brief Version*
Bruises: Brief Version*
Bruises: Teen Version
Burns: Brief Version*
Burns: Chemical*
Burns: Prevention*
Burns: Thermal
Calf Strain: Illustration*
Calf Strain: Teen Version
Cauliflower Ear
Cauliflower Ear: Illustration
Cauliflower Ear: Teen Version
Collarbone (Clavicle) Fracture: Illustration*
Collarbone (Clavicle) Fracture: Teen Version*
Collarbone Fracture
Corneal Abrasion*
Corneal Abrasion: Illustration*
Crutches, How to Use: Illustration*
Crutches: How to Use*
Cuts and Scratches*
Cuts and Scratches: Brief Version*
Cuts and Scratches: Teen Version
Ear Injury*
Elastic Bandage: How to Use
Elbow Fracture: Olecranon Fracture*
Elbow Sprain: Teen Version*
Eye Injury*
Eye Socket Fracture (Orbital Fracture)
Eye Socket Fracture: Illustration
Eye: Chemical in*
Finger and Thumb Sprain: Illustration*
Finger Dislocation: Illustration*
Finger Dislocation: Teen Version*
Finger Fracture*
Finger Fracture: Illustration*
Finger Injury
Finger Injury: Brief Version*
Finger Sprain*
Forearm Fracture*
Forearm Fracture: Illustration*
Foreign Body in Ear*
Foreign Body in Eye*
Foreign Body in Nose*
Foreign Body in Vagina*
Foreign Body Swallowed*
Fracture Treatment*
Fractures: Illustration*
Genital Injury*
Hand Fracture: Fifth Metacarpal (Boxer's) Fracture*
Hand Fracture: Fifth Metacarpal (Boxer's) Fracture, Illustration*
Head Injury*
Head Injury: Brief Version*
Insect Bites*
Insect Bites: Brief Version*
Kidney Injury
Knee Dislocation: Teen Version
Knee Fracture*
Kneecap (Patellar) Fracture
Kneecap (Patellar) Fracture Exercises: Illustration, page 1*
Kneecap (Patellar) Fracture Exercises: Illustration, page 2*
Kneecap (Patellar) Fracture: Illustration
Kneecap (Patellar) Fracture: Teen Version
Kneecap (Patellar) Subluxation: Illustration*
Kneecap Fracture Exercises*
Kneecap Subluxation
Kneecap Subluxation: Teen Version*
Leg Fracture*
Little Leaguer's Elbow (Medial Apophysitis)
Little Leaguer's Elbow (Medial Apophysitis): Illustration*
Little Leaguer's Shoulder (Proximal Humeral Epiphysitis)
Little Leaguer's Shoulder (Proximal Humeral Epiphysitis): Illustration
Low Body Temperature (Hypothermia)
Mallet Finger (Baseball Finger)
Mallet Finger (Baseball Finger): Illustration*
Mallet Finger (Baseball Finger): Teen Version*
Marine Animal Bites and Stings*
Mouth Injury
Mouth Injury: Brief Version*
Nose Injury*
Nursemaid's Elbow (Pulled Elbow)*
Nursemaid's Elbow: Illustration*
PRICE – Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation for Injuries: Teen Version*
Puncture Wound: Brief Version*
Puncture Wounds
Puncture Wounds: Teen Version
Rib Injuries: Illustration*
Rib Injury*
Runner’s Knee (Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome): Illustration*
Runner’s Knee: Teen Version*
Scrapes (Abrasions)*
Scrapes (Abrasions): Teen Version
Scrapes: Brief Version*
Shaken Baby Syndrome*
Shoulder Dislocation
Shoulder Dislocation: Illustration*
Shoulder Dislocation: Teen Version*
Slivers or Splinters (Foreign Body in Skin)*
Spider Bites and Scorpion Stings*
Splint Care After an Injury
Sprain: Teen Version*
Sunburn: Brief Version*
Sunburn: Teen Version
Suture Care: Brief Version*
Sutured Wound Care
Tailbone Injury
Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis): Illustration*
Tennis Elbow: Teen Version*
Tetanus Booster Following Injury*
Tick Bites*
Tick Bites: Brief Version*
Toe Fracture: Illustration*
Toe Fracture: Teen Version*
Tooth Injury
Tooth Injury: Brief Version*
Wrist Fracture*
Wrist Fracture: Teen Version*
Wrist Sprain: Illustration*
Wrist Sprain: Teen Version*
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