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Pediatric Advisor 2015.3: Category: Parenting

Topics followed by * (asterisk) are available in Spanish. Brief versions of topics have a reading level no higher than 4th grade.

Adjusting to School*
Adolescents: Dealing with Normal Rebellion*
Aggressive Behavior: Preventing or Reducing in Children
Anger Management for Parents*
Anger Management: Teach Children How to Deal with Their Anger*
Baby Clothes
Bed-Wetting (Enuresis)
Bed-Wetting Alarms
Bed-Wetting: Brief Version*
Behavior Diary: Illustration
Behavior in Public Places: Teach Your Child Good Behavior
Books: Reading Activities for Children
Books: Selecting Books for Your Child
Breath-Holding Spells
Breath-Holding Spells: Brief Version*
Bullying: When Your Child is a Bully
Bullying: When Your Child is the Victim
Calling a Doctor: Preparation for*
Cheating at School
Child Abuse and Neglect
Child Care: Babysitter Guidelines*
Child Care: Finding and Choosing*
Child Care: Help Your Child Adjust
Child Care: Make Sure It Is Safe
Child Care: What to Ask*
Children Home Alone
Communicating with Your Child
Crying Baby
Damaging or Destroying Property
Death: Help your Child Deal with Death and Grief
Development: How Young Children Learn*
Developmental Stimulation*
Discipline Basics*
Discipline: Job Grounding
Discipline: Redirect Your Child
Divorce: Effects on Children
Divorce: Helping Children Cope*
Dressing Skills*
Eating Misbehavior
Economics of a New Baby
Emotional Abuse: Effects on Children
Encopresis Diary: Illustration
Encopresis from Constipation (Toilet-Trained Child)*
Encopresis from Stool Holding (Not Toilet Trained)*
Encopresis without Constipation (Not Toilet Trained)*
Family Time
Family Violence: Effects on Children
Fear of Talking (Selective Mutism)
Fecal Smearing
Growing Pains
Guns and Children
Homework Problems*
Hospitals and Children
Hurting Another Child
Ignoring Instructions
Important Records: Medical and Legal*
Incentives for Motivating Children
Instructions: Teaching Your Child to Follow
Interrupting Others
Learning Disabilities*
Masturbation in Preschoolers*
Medical Procedures: Comforting Your Child During
Medical Visits: Making Them Easier
Misbehavior in Public Places: Rules and Discipline
Mistreating Peers or Siblings
Mistreating Pets
Mothers Working Outside the Home*
Mothers: Common Problems of New Mothers
Movies (R-Rated): Protecting Your Child
Moving: Help Your Child Adjust
Negative, Stubborn Toddler*
New Parents*
Newborn: Help Siblings Adjust*
Online Safety
Parenting a Sexually Abused Child
Parenting: Prepare for the Teen Years
Peer Pressure
Pets and Children
Physical Fighting and Spitting
Problem Behavior in Children and Teens
Quality Time with Your Child
Raising Your Child's Self-Esteem*
Refusal to Dress
Safety Misbehavior
School and Special-Needs Children*
School Phobia*
School: Prepare for the First Day
Schoolwork Responsibility: How to Instill It*
Screaming and Shouting
Separation Anxiety*
Sex Education for Young Children
Sexual Abuse: Overview
Sexual Abuse: Protect Your Child
Sexual Behaviors: Setting Limits
Sibling Quarrels
Sibling Rivalry Toward a Newborn*
Single Parenting
Sleep Misbehaviors: Overview
Sleep: Bedtime Resistance*
Sleep: Early Morning Riser
Sleep: Nightmares*
Sleeping with the Parents (Bed-Sharing)*
Spoiled Children: Prevention
Sports and Children*
Stepparenting or Blended Families
Substance Abuse: Recognize the Signs*
Substance Abuse: Treatment for Teens
Swimming Programs for Infants or Toddlers
Swimming Safety
Talking with Your Child about Drinking and Drugs
Talking with Your Child about HIV/AIDS
Talking with Your Child about Mental Illness
Talking with Your Teen about Sex
Teaching Your Child to Play
Teen Drinking*
Teen Driving
Teen Pregnancy
Television: Reducing the Negative Impact*
Temper Tantrums*
Temper Tantrums: Teaching Your Child Self-Calming Skills
Threats or Hurtful Comments
Time-Out Technique for Discipline*
Time-Out: When It Doesn't Seem to Be Working*
Toddler Discipline
Toilet Training Problems, Prevention of
Toilet Training Resistance*
Toilet Training Your Child: The Basics*
Toilet Training: Readiness Training Comes First
Toy Safety
Traveling with a Baby
Traveling with Children*
Video Games
Weight: Helping Your Teen Lose Weight*
Whining and Pestering Behavior
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