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Breaking the Pacifier Habit


Breaking the Pacifier Habit

Dr. Gina DiRenzo-Coffey, Boys Town Pediatrics

Breaking a child of a pacifier is so much easier than breaking them of sucking their thumb and the reason is that you can just throw it away.  You go cold turkey, two or three days of being a little crabby and they get over it.  What I tell parents is after fifteen months they should only have it at nap time and bed time because we don't want them up when they are walking around and playing having it in their mouth all the time.  If it is always in their mouth it will discourage them from talking or they will learn to put their tongue in the wrong place and end up with speech problems.   After fifteen months only in the bed and then after about two or three is when you want to break them of that.  

Breaking your child's habit of using a pacifier can be difficult. Dr. Gina DiRenzo-Coffey, pediatrician with Boys Town Pediatrics, explains the best way to break this habit and why it is important for your child to quit using a pacifier.​