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Child Profanity


Child Profanity

Dr. Annie Zimmer, Boys Town Pediatrics

Cursing is a natural thing for kids to try out especially school-age children.  If you hear your toddler using a word that you don't like, just try to not use it yourself.  If it is a repetitive thing then you can just let them know that that is not a good word and mommy and daddy shouldn't be using it either. 

For an older kid, your response should probably match their intentions so it should never be tolerated if a kid is swearing and using bad words towards another person in a hurtful way.  If it is in a moment of frustration where they got hurt or something happened that upset them, you can be a little bit more understanding and just remind them that those are not words that we prefer.  

​​​Cursing is a natural thing for kids to try out.  Dr. Annie Zimmer, pediatrician with Boys Town Pediatrics, offers tips and strategies for parents if their child starts using bad words.