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Childhood Bed-wetting


Childhood Bed-Wetting

Kent Amstutz, D.O.
​​Boys Town Pediatrics


How common is bed-wetting?

​Bed-wetting, otherwise known as Enuresis, is very common. It, by five-years of age, is present in 15 percent of children.

Why is my child wetting the bed at night?

Eighty percent of children wet the bed because of a developmental problem. Their brain isn't mature enough to send the signals to the bladder that they need to go to the bathroom.

There are medical conditions and we do check for diabetes, kidney problems and also bladder dysfunction.

What can parents do to minimize these accidents?

Unfortunately, not a whole lot. I do tell parents to take their child to the bathroom before the child goes to bed and before the parents go to bed. Also, minimize fluids before bedtime.

When should parents talk to their doctor about bed-wetting?

I would say a parent should start investigating this issue at about five, five or six. So we can rule out medical problems and reassure the parents that it's a developmental process.

Each year the child will get better. There are a percentage of kids down from 15, so by 15 years of age, there is only one to two percent of the population that will have problems with wetting the bed.​​

Bed-wetting, or Enuresis, is one of the most common pediatric-health issues for children under 6 years of age. Dr. Kent Amstutz, D.O.​, at Boys Town Pediatrics - Pacific Street Clinic gives medical insight on managing bed-wetting.