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Choosing the Right Preschool


Choosing the Right Preschool

Dr. Heidi Johnson, Boys Town Pediatrics

Choosing a preschool is very important for your child. That's setting them up. That's the very first school that they go to, getting them started and getting them ready for kindergarten.

They're starting to learn letters; they may get a lot more teaching at some preschools rather than at some preschools. It's important to look at that and figure out what you want in a preschool.

Do you want your kid to have good social interaction? Do you want them to have some of the educational side of it? Do you want it through the public school or through a faith-based preschool where they'll have some faith-based teaching as well?

Boys Town Pediatrics recommends parents look for the following:

  • Low teach to student ration
  • Health and safety of the facility
  • Access to a variety of learning activities
  • One-on-one teacher interaction
  • Teach certifications
  • School accreditations

The best reassurance that you have found the right preschool for your child is that your child enjoys attending, talks with his friends at preschool, and wants to share their daily adventures.

​Choosing a preschool for you child is a very important decision.  Dr. Heidi Johnson, pediatrician with Boys Town Pediatrics, offers tips and advice for parents who need to choose a preschool for their child.