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Erica Martin, M.D.​​
Boys Town Pediatrics

​Colic is defined as crying without a reason. They're not hungry, they're not tired and they don't need their diaper changed. We don't know why they're crying. The crying is at least three hours a day and can be at least three days a week.

They often look like their bellies hurt, they look angry, they pull their legs up and they kick their legs out. Nothing you do seems to calm them. Usually it starts around two weeks of age or after and it just abruptly starts. Then it usually fades and goes away around three or four months of age. So it's a long time. Parents get really tired. We do recommend that you utilize your friends, family and have them come in and give you a break for a few hours. If you don't have someone at that moment, just take them in and put them in their crib. If they're crying, that's fine, they're safe.

Things you can do to help colic, we've found that those babies like movement. So, if you put them in bouncy seats that vibrate, they like swings, they like white noise such as vacuum cleaner noise, dishwasher noise and washing machine noise. Th​ey like car rides, they like to be swaddled, swayed and walked around, things like that.​​

​Colic is unexplained crying in young babies. Dr. Erica Martin, pediatrician with Boys Town Pediatrics, explains when colic can begin, how long colic can last, and offers tips on how to help your ​baby relax.