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Concussions in Sports


Concussions in Sports

Charles Sprague, M.D.
Boys Town Pediatrics

​​On the field or on the court, a concussion is going to follow a head injury.

It's going to be a kid who just looks a little bit dazed or confused, isn't quite following directions very well. Certainly if it's severe enough that the child is unconscious on the field, that's easy.

What is the treatment for a concussion?

Treatment for a concussion requires absolute rest, which means both mental and physical rest. And it's the mental part of that, that people fail to recognize.

It will impact your schooling or your job performance if you're at work. If you have a hard time focusing, following through, concentrating, it will impact your test scores, everything gets involved.

How common are concussions?

I think with all of the recent press and raised awareness with concussions we're certainly seeing them a lot more now than we were before. I don't think they are more common than they were before. I just think people are recognizing them and realizing the significance and getting in and getting help.

During football season, wrestling season, and soccer, to be honest, those are the sports I probably see the most of them. Football and soccer being the two highest. The majority of soccer concussions come with the impact of the head to the ground. Kids are jumping, getting hit in the air, and then falling completely unprotected.

Should I discourage my child from participating in certain sports?

I think the increased awareness of concussions certainly has increased our conversations in clinic, as far as what sports are appropriate or safe for kids, what should I be allowing my child to participate in. Unless your child has really demonstrated symptoms or had problems, I try not to put any restrictions or limitations on the kids, in fact, I would promote that activity as much as I could.

Football is obviously the main target but people don't realize, we see just as much from soccer and certainly wrestling as well. Once you start having problems, the discussion has to change.​​​​

A concussion can pose a serious risk to your child's health and development. Dr. Charles Sprague​, pediatrician with Boys Town Pediatrics, explains the signs of a concussion, how a concussion is treated, and which activities are more prone to concussion related injuries.