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Diaper Bag Essential: Petroleum Jelly


​Diaper Bag Essential: Petroleum Jelly

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Petroleum Jelly is going to be your magic solve and the nice thing about petroleum jelly is it is just one ingredient, just one, petroleum jelly.

In terms of hypoallergenic or in terms of other things that you can have a reaction to, there is only petroleum jelly in this. Unless you get the Vaseline version that is scented, don't get that one. This is an excellent diaper ointment when they've got a rash. When they cut themselves with their fingernails and have the little red marks this is fantastic. When they get their rash on their neck, getting all sorts of formula and nastiness in there, this is what I recommend.

When they have dry spots or eczema this is what I recommend. Most of the creams, their main ingredient is petroleum jelly, so Aquaphor is mostly petroleum jelly. Eucerin is 40% petroleum jelly, but you are paying 12, 13, 14 dollars for some of those. This is a couple of bucks so it's nice and economical.

Learn the many uses of petroleum jelly when caring for a newborn.