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Jaundice is what we call the yellowish discoloration that you often see in babies' skin or eyes.

It is caused by increased levels of a substance that is called bilirubin in their bodies. And it is something that is commonly seen in newborn babies.

When we see a baby that looks yellow, often times we will do a blood test to see how high the bilirubin level is. A lot of times we end up just having to recheck or follow that number to make sure it does not get to a level that is too high.

If it does require treatment, the most common for that is what we call Bili lights. And most of the time that can be done at home. And so you'll have a couple of days, maybe, where your baby is in a blanket that's got some UV lights. And then we often have nurses coming out to the house to check bilirubin levels and to make sure that number is not getting high and usually trending down.

In very rare cases, we will have to admit babies to the hospital for fluids or phototherapy, which are those lights. It is a very, very common situation to have a baby with jaundice. And for the most part it is something that just resolves on its own.

Jaundice is a common condition that turns a baby's skin or eyes yellow shortly after birth. Learn the cause of jaundice and how jaundice is treated.​