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Managing Your Morning Routine


Managing Your Morning Routine

Connie Schnoes, Ph.D.
Boys Town Center for Behavioral Health

​​One of the main reasons that folks have a hard time getting out of the house is not having it organized enough so that kids can get through the routine in time to get into the car. 

What helps in managing a stress free morning?

Increase the organization that you have in place and letting the kids know what the expectations really are for them to get ready. If they're really little, in kindergarten for example, they can put on their clothes and they can get their shoes and socks and bring them to mom and dad to help. They can clear their bowl. If they're older kids, they can pretty much do everything themselves, and so having them do what they are capable of would be important.

What should parents do if their child isn't helping in the morning?

I encourage parents to set limits. The first limit would be "we are out the door at whatever time we are out the door." So if you are out the door at 7:35, then walk out the door at 7:35. If your child is not fully dressed, then pick them up, grab the clothes, and they can finish dressing when you get to school.

Let school know that you are working on this, so that if they come to school with their hair uncombed it is okay. If they come and say they didn't have breakfast it is okay because you want them to work on that at home and learn to manage better the next morning.

What are the benefits of having a stress free morning?

Everybody is just happier. Life goes more smoothly. If you start your morning well, because parents and kids all end up back in that house together at the end of the day, they're going to be more excited and looking forward to seeing each other.​

​Getting out of the house on time with children dressed, teeth brushed, tummies filled and backpacks in hand can be challenging. Connie Schnoes, Ph.D., Child and Adolescent Psychologist at Boys Town Center for Behavioral Health, offers tips to help parents get through the morning whirlwind relatively stress free.