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Newborn Gear Tips: Bedding


Baby Gear Tips: Bedding

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Sleep is really one of the scariest things that babies do. You are asleep. You are not able to monitor them. Under two years old, suffocation in bedding is one of the leading causes of death in infants. It's usually from loose blankets, from stuff like bumpers, from kind of strings lying in there, from stuffed animals or pillows. So their sleep environment you want just a firm flat mattress so there is nothing else going on there.

So we just put our newborn who is six months now, we'd just put him down in his onesie and just keep the temperature between 72 or 75 depending on your air conditioner and he doesn't sleep with a blanket. So you can do that and it's perfectly fine. If it's kind of cold and you can't keep your house warm, they make these swaddle sacks. I brought a couple different versions.

Feet go in here, you wrap it this way and it Velcro's so it's not going to come up over the face to cover up the nose and face.

Babies just need a little bit of obstruction there to start recirculating their own carbon dioxide, deplete their oxygen in their little macro environment to suffocate.

So these are your two safe options for sleep, a sleep sack or a onesie.

Advice for new parents on purchasing bedding materials for their newborn.