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Nose Blowing


Nose Blowing

Dr. Heath​er Zimmerman, Boys Town Pediatrics

Some toddlers already understand how to blow their noses by like two years old, and then there are other kids who cannot blow their nose until they are four years old.   It is a wide range.  I think one of the most important things is that even by two to three, they understand that they probably don't like that nasal suction coming at them whether you are using the bulb or the nosefrida or whatever device you have, and so tell them as you do it, as soon as you can blow your nose like mommy or daddy, we don't have to use the sucker anymore and that will help motivate them to do it.  Then just practice, lots of practice.  You might even do the practice when you don't actually have a lot of congestion so it's not as messy. But kind of teach them, demonstrate how to blow their nose.  Have them try to do it.  Show them again what they did wrong.  The more they practice, the more motivated they are to help get that out of their nose, the more they'll be successful.  They do understand if you tell them like it's hard to be so stuffy, you can't breathe, let's get that out of there.

Teaching your children how to blow their noses can be a difficult task for parents. Dr. Heather Zimmerman, pediatrician at Boys Town Pediatrics, offers some tips and strategies for parents when they are trying to teach their children how to blow their noses.