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Talking and Reading to Your Baby


Talking and Reading to Your Baby

Alexis Sawyer, M.D.​
​​​Boys Town Pediatrics

It's important to talk to your baby early and often because your spoken words, your spoken language, is their first step of their language development.

You may not see them expressing it but their brains are working and they're absorbing that language already at that age.

We know the more words that babies get into their brains, in their first couple years of life, the better. So if you think about it, the more words you can squeeze into your day during your average routine, the better for your baby.

If you can talk to your baby while you're changing their diaper, while you're driving them in the car, or while you are putting on their clothes, going for a walk, those are more words that you're putting into their brains and the more they're going to be developing their language.

Same thing goes with reading. I think trying to schedule or set aside time each day, one or twice a day, to just have a habit or routine of reading to your baby is really important.​​

Talking and reading to your baby is important for your baby's development. Dr. Alexis Sawyer​, pediatrician with Boys Town Pediatrics, explains why your words help develop your baby's language.