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Terrible Twos


​Terrible Twos

Dr. Heather Zimmerman, Boys Town Pediatrics

The main thing people think of when they think of the terrible twos is tantrums and this is just meltdowns over anything.  Most often I think the thing that provokes a tantrum for a toddler is you just took away something that they were messing with which in most cases tends to be technology, whether it is your cell phone, the remote to the TV, something like that they just found it and they are exploring it and they are really interested in it and then a parent comes and swipes it away, and that leads to a big meltdown. 

Now with a big meltdown like that, it's ok they don't have the words to tell you how frustrated they are and how much fun they were just about to have and you just need to let them have their meltdown.  So if it is a provoked meltdown like that the best thing for a parent to do is turn around, get busy doing something else, don't pay them any attention and then when the meltdown seems to be settling down then turn around and hey lets now go play with this new toy or something, just distract them with something else.

​The "Terrible Twos" is a term most parents fear. Dr. Heather Zimmerman, Pediatrician at Boys Town Pediatrics, explains what happens to make the twos "terrible" and offers advice to help parents during this time.