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Transitioning from the Crib to a Bed


Transitioning from the Crib to a Bed

Dr. Heidi Johnson, Boys Town Pediatrics

Most kids move out of their crib between year and a half and three and a half years. It depends on the kid and when they're ready.

The crib is something they're attached to a little bit so they'll let you know when they're ready. Otherwise, when they're getting too big for their crib or when they're climbing out of their crib, when the mattress is at the lowest level, then it may be time to move out to that toddler bed or big kid bed.

It is important when you move your child out of the crib and into the bed to think about what they can get into when they get out of bed.

They may get out of bed in the middle of the night and get into things you don't want them to. So it's important to talk to them about staying in bed or when they get out of bed to come to your bed first before they go other places.

It may take a lot of diligence and reminding to get them to stay in bed, and just taking them back to bed and putting them back to bed over and over again, until they get the idea that they should be staying in bed.

​Transitioning from the crib to a bed can be a difficult process for children.  Dr. Heidi Johnson, pediatrician with Boys Town Pediatrics, offers tips and advice for parents when transitioning their child from a crib to a bed.