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Yeast Infection


Yeast Infections

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Occasionally diaper rashes can become infected with yeast.  Yeast just lives on the skin in general and it likes warm moist environments that are dark to start growing.  So if you've had a diaper rash that's been there for three days, is one clue.   It has kind of a beefy red appearance and especially if there are little red dots that we call satellite lesions scattered in the area, those may be signs of yeast infections. 

It doesn't happen as frequently if you're changing the diapers frequently but if you have a diaper rash that is already there and you leave a diaper on for a long time it is more likely it is going to turn into a yeast infection.

If the yeast infection goes on and on it can involve more of a widespread area, it can break down the skin, that skin can then become infected with bacteria on top of the yeast and just become more difficult to treat and more painful for your baby.

You can come in and be seen with those and you can also try some home treatments with over-the-counter medicine like Clotrimazole which is available over the counter, usually in the athlete's foot section.  It's fine to put in that diaper area. 

So you are going to want to put your medicated ointment on first and then put your barrier ointment on top of that, your petroleum jelly , your Desitin, your Boudreaux's, your A and D, whichever, and in general just stay away from the powders.  We don't want to use the cornstarch, the talcum powers, the baby powders, just your creams and ointments. 

If it is not responding to that medication or if it looks like there may be something else going on make sure to come in and see your doctor. 

The main thing is try to keep a dry diaper on as frequent as possible so it doesn't mean at the first sign of pee you have to change but try to avoid those times with prolonged episodes of sitting in a wet diaper.  Those are the episodes are the settings where the fungus thrives.  When you start to see a little bit of a rash go ahead and start using diaper ointment and just use thick amounts of it.  If your use a thin amount it just isn't going to work as effectively.

A yeast infection is caused by a common fungus found on everyone's body.  Learn how a diaper rash can lead to a yeast infection, how yeast infections are treated, and how yeast infections can be prevented.