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Types of Bullying and Recognizing the Warning Signs

  • Types of Bullying and Recognizing the Warning Signs

    Pat Persaud voice-over:
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    Pat Persaud:
    Hi there and welcome, I'm Pat Persaud. We have a very serious topic to talk about today, bullying.

    Here to help us out with that is P​​sychologist Amanda Setlak, from Boys Town Behavioral Health Clinic. Welcome to you. Talking about bullying, what exactly is bullying these days?

    Amanda Setlak:
    That's a great question. Bullying is different from teasing it's different from two kids just not getting along. Bullying is repeated behavior that is mean and intended to harm someone else. The victim is weaker in some way or perceived to be weaker.

    Pat Persaud:
    Someone said that we live in such a mean society today that it is all passed down to the kids too. How do you detect that?

    Amanda Setlak:
    You really want to have open communication with your kids and find out what's going on. You want to pay attention to their friendships. Are they avoiding going to school? Are they not spending time with other kids? Are you noticing more anxiety or withdraw?

    Pat Persaud:
    Our kids do spend an awful lot of time in school and in that environment and that is where a lot of the bullying takes place.

    Amanda Setlak:
    That's right it is primarily where it happens.

    Pat Persaud:
    So do you get the school involved?

    Amanda Setlak:
    What you really want to do is, first of all, take it seriously. You don't want to communicate to your kids that it's no big deal or they just need to get over it because you're really decreasing the likelihood they are going to talk to you about problems again.

    Then you want to partner with the school. They are your best place to address it so find out the facts and stick to those.

    Pat Persaud:
    Yeah and more schools are taking it seriously now a days as well too.

    Amanda Setlak:
    Most schools should have an anti-bullying policy so it's really good to get your hands on that and look over that.

    Pat Persaud:
    Alright, a lot to think about with the upcoming school year. Know your kids and talk to them.

    Thank you so much and congratulations on the upcoming baby! Thank you for choosing moms everyday dot com.

    Pat Persaud Voice-Over:
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