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Pitch In and Protect Your Family This Flu Season

The arrival of fall and winter marks the official start of flu season. While it's almost inevitable that someone in your family may get sick, proper house cleaning can be your best defense in reducing the risk of the flu. This year, get the entire family to pitch in on cleaning chores to decrease the spread of the flu germs.

Here's a list of the recommended cleaning chores to include on your list. Remember when assigning chores, make sure to consider the age and ability of each family member and personalize the tasks to fit both their strengths and interests.

In addition to keeping the house clean and reducing the risk of flu, household chores also promote discipline and can be a great family bonding experience. Just remember these helpful tips:

  • Take a relaxed approach - don't insist on perfection
  • Don't delay - kids can do a lot of chores at an early age
  • Be generous with praise, even while the chore is in progress
  • Be consistent - chores are to be maintained regularly, not just occasionally

Be ready for the flu season this year. Use this handy chore chart to get the family to “pitch in and protect.”