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Deviated Septum

  • A deviated septum is a crooked portion on the inside of the nose. The septum is the middle portion that divides your right and left side of the nasal cavity. Sometimes that can lean to one side or the other.

    Sometimes a deviated septum is caused by a congenital cause meaning how you were born. I commonly see patients in the office that have a deviated septum after a nasal fracture.

    Deviated septum causes problems breathing through the nose and typically we hear people say that they can’t breathe through one side or the other. It generally bothers people most at night when they are trying to sleep.

    Generally treated surgically patients have often tried other treatments prior than coming and seeing an ENT such as breathe right strips or nasal sprays, but once a true deviation of the septum is identified the option is a septoplasty which straightens out that middle portion of the nose that divides the right and left side.

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