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Diets and IBD

  • So inflammatory foods can mean a couple different things.  Inflammatory foods can mean it’s just a food that flares your IBD such as my son has a problem with popcorn and any sort of tree nut, it flares his IBD.  Or inflammatory foods can just be inflammatory foods that happen in anybody’s body, sometimes tomatoes don’t work for somebody, sometimes pasta activates things in people’s bodies.  So inflammatory foods can make and break your IBD diagnosis.  You really learn to stay away from things that cause you the issues.  You need to write them down and you need to stick on those healthy food sides. 

    Diets is a tricky, tricky word, when it comes to specifically pediatric IBD.  Now a lot of adults do very well off of a diet and controlled eating, but we need those pediatric patients to grow.  So unless your doctor specifically puts you on a specific diet, you need to be eating all the great foods you can.  Everything on that food pyramid, smoothies, lean proteins, good carbohydrates to help your body grow and thrive.

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