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Eli's Story


​Because he was born with Down syndrome, Kari Ebel and her husband were vigilant in monitoring their son's movement and milestones. When they noticed his head dropping and his arms pulling in and jerking, they were quick to bring it up at Eli's therapy appointment.

The therapist confirmed that this movement wasn't normal, and Eli's pediatrician set up an appointment with Dinesh Lulla, M.D., at Boys Town Pediatric Neuroscience. With the help of EEG technology, Dr. Lulla diagnosed Eli with infantile spasms - a rare form of epileptic disorder. Time is of the essence when it comes to treating infantile spasms, so the neurology team quickly prepared a treatment program, building a relationship with the Ebel family along the way.

“Dr. Lulla has been amazing,” Kari said. “He's been very open with us. We're very blessed, and we put a lot of trust in him to help lead us through this.”

To learn more about Eli's journey, watch the video below.

Eli’s Story: Infantile Spasms​

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