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Breaking the Thumb Sucking Habit

  • Breaking the Thumb Sucking Habit

    Thumb sucking is a very difficult one because the problem with thumb sucking is it is always available.  If you start paying a lot of attention to sucking your thumbs too young, before they are motivated to do it, you'll actually encourage the behavior and they'll do it more.  So to stop a child from sucking their thumb, you need two things.  You need the child to want to stop which means before the age of five this is a really hard thing to do and you need a physical mechanism to remind them they are doing it so often times putting things like band aids on their thumbs.  People do hot sauce there is no danger to it.  I've had kids learn to like hot sauce but band aids work.  So a physical reminder and then the child being motivated which usually means giving them some sort of reward when the process is done. 

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