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Protecting Infants with Sunscreen

  • Infant Sunscreen

    Most of the sunscreens recommend that you not use them under six months old.  The Academy of Pediatrics says in small areas if you must have them in the sun that you can put them on the backs of the hands, on the scalp, on the face.  They prefer you put them in hats and flowing long sleeves and pants and cover them because the earlier it is, the more sensitive they are.  The other thing people think as they park their kids on a beach or in a pool with a hat on and a shirt on, and they're fine, but they don't understand that sand and water reflect sun back.  I've seen kids really burned at beaches sitting under an umbrella and they didn't put a blanket down underneath the child so the sand is reflecting things back so you know you really need to be cognizant that water, sand and even snow reflect back sunlight and really burn them.

      They should bathe after being out in the sun and the lower the size of the child, say you got a child under six months and you're applying a little to them, definitely when you come in just get it bathed off.

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