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Vestibular Tests: VHIT


  • Vestibular Tests: VHIT

    The VHIT stands for Video Head Impulse Test. This is a relatively new test. For this test patients will wear a pair of tight fitting goggles, often as tight as a pair of swim goggles. During this test patients are asked to watch a target on the wall which is usually a sticker. While they are watching this target on the wall we move their head back and forth very rapidly in a horizontal and vertical direction.

    There are five sensors in your vestibular system. The purpose of the VHIT test is that it assesses how three of those five of those senses work. The advantage of the VHIT test is that it is quick to administer, does not induce dizziness in patients and provides a comprehensive overview how the vestibular system is working.

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