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When Should Your Child See a Pediatric Neurologist for A Concussion?

​​Scrapes, bruises and bumps are a part of growing up. Children are typically very active, making them are more likely to experience injuries. However, if your child has sustained a head injury, it is likely necessary to visit a physician for a check-up.

Brain injuries can be incredibly serious and need medical attention to determine the severity. Most do not require specialized care, However, depending on your child's injury, your child's provider may refer you to a pediatric neurologist. Boys Town Pediatric Neurology offers this timeline for parents caring for a child with a head injury.

Within 24 hours, take your child to see his or her primary care physician.

The first person you should take your child to see following a head injury is your child's regular pediatrician. He or she will determine if your child has a concussion and prescribe the correct treatment and care schedule.

If symptoms persist, make another appointment.

If you notice that your child's symptoms do not improve within the amount of time your child's pediatrician advises at the initial appointment, make another appointment. Pediatricians have enough specialized experience to treat most concussions.

If the concussion does not improve, your child should see a pediatric neurologist.

If your child's concussion symptoms do not improve after receiving appropriate primary care, it is time to ​see a pediatric neurologist. A head injury evaluation will help the specialist determine proper treatment. Pediatric neurologists have specialized experience handling children's nervous-system issues.

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