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Your Baby at 1 Month

  • Your Baby at 1 Month

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    Milestones is an exciting and important way to track the development of your baby.

    Here are things you might see your baby doing around 1 month of age. 

    Your baby can:

    • During tummy time, start to lift his upper body
    • Stretch and kick her feet
    • Open and shut her hands and grip objects
    • Attempt to reach for dangling objects
    • Stare at things, but will not grab for them yet

    Even at 1 month of age, your baby's language and communication skills are developing.

    Your baby can:

    • Cry and fuss when hungry, wet, tired, in pain, or when he wants to be held
    • Hear mom's voice best because it reminds him of food and warmth
    • Make gurgling and cooing sounds when happy and content

    Every child is different. Some of these behaviors and milestones generally occur at certain ages, however, a wide range of growth and behavior for each age is normal.

    Remember, if you have any concerns about your child's development, check with your pediatrician.

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