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Use our Knowledge Center to find resources including articles, videos, and tips on caring for your children and family.



Virus vs Bacteria: Symptoms and Treatment vs Bacteria: Symptoms and TreatmentInternal MedicineCold and Flu;Illness and Injury
Flu Shot Benefits and Side Effects Shot Benefits and Side EffectsInternal Medicine;PediatricsImmunizations;Cold and Flu
Staying Hydrated HydratedInternal MedicineSports and Fitness;Health and Safety
Stress MedicineStress
How Does Sedentary Behavior Impact Adult Health? Does Sedentary Behavior Impact Adult Health?Internal MedicineSports and Fitness;Health and Safety
Transitioning to Adult Health Care to Adult Health CareInternal Medicine
Flu vs. COVID Frequently Asked Questions vs. COVID Frequently Asked QuestionsFlu Clinic;Internal Medicine;PediatricsCOVID-19;Illness and Injury;Cold and Flu
Type II Diabetes II DiabetesInternal Medicine
Fever;Internal MedicineIllness and Injury
New Year's Resolution for the Whole Family Year's Resolution for the Whole FamilyInternal MedicineHoliday;Health and Safety;Family and Parenting
Slow Down For Better Health Down For Better HealthInternal MedicineStress;Nutrition
Family Exercise ExerciseInternal Medicine;PediatricsSports and Fitness;Health and Safety;Family and Parenting
Work and Life Balance and Life BalanceInternal MedicineStress
Healthy After 40: Women's Maintenance After 40: Women's MaintenanceInternal MedicineAging;Health and Safety
Know Your Numbers: Blood Pressure Your Numbers: Blood PressureInternal MedicineHealth and Safety
Arthritis;Internal MedicineAging
Seasonal Affective Disorder Affective DisorderInternal Medicine
Osteoporosis Quick Tips Quick TipsOrthopaedics;Internal MedicineAging
Be Realistic with New Year's Resolutions Realistic with New Year's ResolutionsInternal MedicineNutrition;Holiday
Reducing Holiday Stress Holiday StressInternal MedicineStress;Holiday
Know Your Numbers: Cholesterol Your Numbers: CholesterolInternal MedicineHealth and Safety
Winter Fitness FitnessInternal MedicineSports and Fitness;Health and Safety
Quit Smoking SmokingInternal MedicineOral Health;Health and Safety
Healthy After 40: Men's Maintenance After 40: Men's MaintenanceInternal MedicineAging;Health and Safety
Relax by Exercising by ExercisingInternal MedicineSports and Fitness;Stress
Preventing Falls FallsOrthopaedics;Internal MedicineAging
Avoid Holiday Overeating Holiday OvereatingInternal MedicineNutrition;Holiday
Healthy After 40: Aging Well After 40: Aging WellInternal MedicineAging;Health and Safety
Healthy After 40: Lifestyle After 40: LifestyleInternal MedicineAging;Health and Safety
Lower Your Cholesterol Your CholesterolInternal MedicineHealth and Safety
Know your Numbers: Blood Sugar your Numbers: Blood SugarInternal MedicineHealth and Safety

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