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Boys Town Becomes the First Pediatric Hospital in Nebraska With Level 4 Epilepsy Program


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Monday, April 10, 2023

​​For years, Boys Town National Research Hospital has led the region in treating complex epilepsy diagnoses, but in March of 2023, the Boys Town Pediatric Epilepsy Program received an official level 4 accreditation through the National Association of Epilepsy Centers, certifying our comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment of pediatric epilepsy patients.

“We are so honored and excited to be the first pediatric-focused program in our state with a level 4 epilepsy center accreditation," said Deepak Madhavan, M.D., Chief Medical Officer and VP of Medical Affairs​ at Boys Town National Research Hospital. “We feel that this accreditation confirms and acknowledges the quality and comprehensive nature of the pediatric epilepsy care we provide here at Boys Town."

What is a level 4 epilepsy center?

Level 4 epilepsy centers serve as regional or national referral facilities for patients with complex epilepsies. To receive accreditation, programs must provide complex forms of intensive neurodiagnostic monitoring as well as extensive medical, neuropsychological and psychosocial treatment. Boys Town is one of a handful of centers across the country that is officially certified as a level 4 center and the only pediatric-focused hospital in the region to claim the accreditation.

Complex Epilepsy Care at Boys Town

The Boys Town Pediatric Epilepsy Program offers complete evaluation for surgery, including intracranial electrodes, and provides a broad range of surgical procedures for epilepsy. ​Our fellowship-trained team includes pediatric epileptologists, specialized neurologists and board-certified pediatric neurosurgeons. Boys Town is the only facility in the world with two next-generation MEG (magnetoencephalography) systems capable of pinpointing the area of the brain causing the patient's seizures, down to the millimeter. This allows our neurosurgeons to have the most complete picture possible going into surgery.

In addition to our advanced surgical capability, the Boys Town Pediatric Epilepsy Program is supported by a host of advanced diagnostic and treatment methods.

  • The ​ Boys Town Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) is one of the most technically advanced pediatric-focused inpatient imaging units in the region.
  • We have genetic neurologists on hand to diagnose genetic epilepsy syndromes.
  • Our patients have access to vagal nerve stimulation (VNS) and responsive neurostimulation (RNS) devices when medications can't control epileptic seizures.

Add to that our team of behavioral health experts and dietitians, and each patient ends up with a life-changing treatment plan that is tailored to their needs.

“We want our community and broader region to know that if a child has a tough-to-treat epilepsy diagnosis, we are here with the latest medical and surgical options for them," Dr. Madhavan said. “Our pediatric epileptologists and pediatric neurosurgeons are committed to providing the highest possible care for kids here in Nebraska and the surrounding regions."​​​

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