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Behavioral Health Care is Now Available in Every Boys Town Pediatrics Clinic


Monday, August 3, 2020

​​​Boys Town outpatient child and adolescent psychiatry and behavioral health counseling services are now in five Boys Town Pediatrics clinics across Omaha.

Mental and emotional health has been ranked one of the top health concerns among children and teens in the Omaha metropolitan area, according to the recent Child and Adolescent Community Health Needs Assessment, a study sponsored by Boys Town National Research Hospital, Children's Hospital and Building Bright Futures.

“The need for mental health care for children continues to grow," said Jason Bruce, M.D., associate director of Boys Town primary care and pediatrician at Boys Town Pediatrics. “We have embedded psychiatry and counseling services into our primary pediatric clinics to provide greater access to this needed care, and to provide a team approach to mental, social and emotional care for our patients and their families."

During a medical visit or examination, a parent may reach out for behavioral health support or a child may show signs of mental health struggles. Having counselors and child psychiatrists in the same building with our pediatricians helps us better coordinate and accommodate the additional care that some of our patient families need. It also provides a resource for pediatricians if they have concerns about a patient and when to refer to a behavioral or mental health provider.

Boys Town Behavioral Health provides diagnostic and counseling services for children with ADHD, school problems, anxiety, anger management challenges, depression, phobias, peer relationship challenges, habits, sleep problems, eating disorders, neurodevelopmental delays and spectrum disorders. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry provides diagnostic services for the above, in addition to individualized treatment plans which may include medication management. 

“Boys Town is known for its top behavioral and mental health care services," said Dr. Bruce. “Now, we are improving access to these great services by bringing them to our patients."

Boys Town Pediatrics is located at five clinics across the Omaha area:

  • Downtown Clinic (30th & Dodge Street)
  • 72nd Street Clinic (72nd & W Center Road)
  • Pacific Street Clinic (139th & Pacific Street, on the Boys Town Campus)
  • Lakeside Clinic (168th between W Center Road and Pacific Street)
  • Harrison Street Clinic (180th & Harrison Street)

If you are a current Boys Town Pediatrics patient family and are interested in behavioral health services, please talk to your child's physician or medical provider, or call (531) 355-1449.​