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Newborn Expo: Tummy Time


Newborn Expo – Tummy Time

Dr. Annie Zimmer, Boys Town Pediatrics

I really do encourage tummy time from the get go, right after birth.  Tummy time should happen throughout the day a couple times but you should be there watching your baby, again, to prevent SIDS.  Baby might naturally just want to fall asleep because it is so comfortable on their tummy, but we don't want baby sleeping on their tummy.  It does help them get these nice neck muscles and back muscles and it will help their development as well.  The head grows about five centimeters in the first three months.  If baby is lying on its back all the time, we will see babies get flat on their backs, so lots of tummy time can help keep your baby's head nice and round and then also help with their motor development.

​Tummy time is important in the development of your baby. Dr. Annie Zimmer, pediatrician with Boys Town Pediatrics, explains why you should make time for tummy time, how tummy time helps your baby and what problems your baby may face if tummy time is not provided.