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Pediatric Surgery: Owen’s Story


​​​​​​​​​​When Owen's parents noticed a strange bulge on their son, they called Boys Town for answers. Any time a child needs a medical procedure can be worrisome for parents. Owen’s family was relieved and grateful for the surgical care and expertise they found at Boys Town National Research Hospital. Watch the video below to hear about Owen's hernia surgery and the family’s experience.

Owen’s Story – Pediatric Hernia Surgery​

  • Pediatric Hernia Surgery - Owen's Story

    My son Owen is four and we noticed in the bathtub actually, it was bulging and I wasn't quite sure what was happening and so I called Boys Town. You know as a parent when I first saw that bulge I was, I was really worried and they put me right at ease and had a plan in action. They had a pretty good idea that it was probably a hernia but they had us go to the emergency room just to be sure, which I really appreciated because I was nervous. We got right in and out, had a diagnosis. They said call on Monday, get everything scheduled. We were thrilled to get Dr. Cusick. So with Dr. Cusick, what really put my husband and I at ease was he got down at Owen's level and everything he did, the focus was on Owen. Making sure Owen was comfortable, using simple language so that way my husband and I understood what was happening and you know, a very low risk surgery but it was Owen's first surgery so I wasn't sure what to expect and Dr. Cusick and all the Boys Town staff just put us at ease through the whole process. The surgery went well. Dr. Cusick came in and said that was a really big hernia so we were glad to get it taken care of but the whole surgery once we got in there was very smooth and it was very painless. So Owen was up and at em like nothing had happened so we were very grateful for that. Having the Boys Town surgical team out here, it was very easy to schedule and honestly because we come here for pediatrics as well, it put us at ease and put Owen at ease because we were in the same building. ​ There are no words that a parent can say because you are giving your child to somebody else and trusting that they are going to love them just as much and there was no questions there. We were very well taken care of. Thank you Dr. Cusick.

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