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Chemical Use Program


Chemical Use Program

Natasha Robinson, LCSW, LIMHP, LADC
​Boys Town Center for Behavioral Health

The Chemical Use Program started in 2006, adjacent to the outpatient behavioral health program for the purpose of serving adolescents and families who have struggles with addiction, chemical use and substances.

They're able to come into our clinic and receive services surrounding addressing that area.

The age group that we serve is adolescents as well as adults. Our adolescent program is for 13 to 19 years of age. Our adult program starts at 19 and above.

We have two levels of care. We have an Outpatient Treatment Program as well as an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program.

Those are two different levels of care. A youth that comes into the program, we will evaluate, through a chemical use evaluation, what their needs are.

If they are in the lower need, they would be in the Outpatient Treatment, which involves individual psychotherapy services, group psychotherapy, as well as family therapy.

IOP services or Intensive Outpatient involves nine to 12 hours of treatment services per week. That's more intensive and that's where the family is very involved, and there's a lot of group psychotherapy involved in that.

To make a referral, families can call the main hotline number as well as the Behavioral Health Clinic.

Boys Town National Hotline


Behavioral Health Clinic

(531) 355-7979

They will be asked a question about what the concerns are with their adolescent. That may tell us they need the Chemical Use Program. At that point, within 24 to 48 hours, a clinician will call them, talk about what the needs are and have them schedule an appointment to come in.

The Boys Town Chemical Use Program has a couple of unique aspects to it.

One is family involvement is important and pivotal. If we have an adolescent that comes in, their family will be involved and be informed.

Parents have the most knowledge on what's going on with that adolescent. That's very important to us.

In addition to that, our program has those services that I mentioned, individual, family, and group. We individualize our treatment to the needs of that family, of that child, and what their diagnosis is. 

The other part of the Chemical Use Program is we are a dually-credentialed program, which means all of the clinicians in the Chemical Use Program have a dual license.

They're able to provide services for the substance use as well as mental health difficulties.

Those services can be combined and they can be working on those aspects together.

We are dedicated to serving our adolescents and families, and supporting them in becoming productive adults.​

The Boys Town Chemical Use Program is committed to serving youth by providing drug and alcohol education, treatment and prevention services. We serve youth, ages 11-19, with varying conditions — from those who are experiencing challenges related to the early stages of substance use, to those who have been diagnosed with long-term substance abuse or dependence disorder, including co-existing mental health conditions. In addition to providing services to children and youth, the Boys Town Chemical Use Program also provides services to adults.