School Program


Education is an integral part of our program. Many children and adolescents have had ​difficulty in ​school ​and need help and nurturing to bring their academic achievement up to ​grade level.

Our school program is licensed by the state of Nebraska and provides year-around classes. Each ​student is assigned to a classroom ​that accounts for age and academic/developmental level.

School Program Features:

  • Masters level Educational Therapists with specialized training in behavioral mental health problems, working with the individual’s home ​school district to ensure continuity in the educational plan following discharge, and when possible, providing credit recovery opportunities
  • Speech and reading therapist and school psychologists when indicated
  • Accredited school program and compliance with IEPs
  • Individual instruction accommodating differences in learning styles and abilities
  • Direct care staff working alongside teachers and paraprofessionals in the classroom to ensure consistency in treatment


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