Hearing Aids for Children


​​​​​Our goal is to promote communication development in all children with hearing loss. If developing spoken language is the family’s goal, we make speech as audible and accessible as possible. We fit the most current digital hearing aids and assistive listening devices with research-supported pediatric protocols. In a child-friendly atmosphere, we counsel families and provide advocacy for their children. The close link between our clinic and the National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded research department ensures that we provide our patients with the most current information about hearing loss and hearing aids for children.

Aspects of the Hearing Technology Center

  • All of our audiologists have extensive experience with pediatrics and are state-licensed and nationally-certified.
  • Loaner hearing aids are available for children to use immediately while parents investigate funding options to help defray the cost of hearing aids.
  • Demonstration hearing aids are kept in the office for older children to listen to when deciding on new hearing aids.

If you are concerned with your child's hearing, you may have many questions such as:

To help answer these questions and many more, please see our Downloadable Resources section for more information.

“My Baby's Hearing” babyhearing.org is a website f​or parents whose baby has been identified as deaf or hard of hearing. It is available in English and Spanish Español.

Hearing for the First Time: Turek​ Family Story

​Each year, approximately three of every 1,000 babies are born with hearing loss, but these numbers don’t mean much to the Tureks – a family of seven with two sons who have hearing loss. Though the boys’ medical journeys followed two different paths, they led to the same place: Boys Town Audiology at Boys Town National Research Hospital. Watch their story below or read more here.

  • Hearing Aids: Turek Family Story - Boys Town National Research Hospital

    Jackson and Cale both have sensory neural bilateral hearing loss. We had concerns about Cale's hearing when he was born and we asked around. We started with our school's special ed department and they recommended us to Boys Town. If you needed hearing aids, if you had a hearing loss this was the place to be, so we came. Everything we've heard from people, this was one of the top in the country for hearing. They have a great reputation for their program, they're audiology program. We called to get an appointment and got Cale up here right away. Cale didn't get up here until he was two and a half and Jack got them at two and a half months. Quick diagnosis and quick turnaround and as a parent, you know once you know they need those hearing aids, you just want them on them as fast you can get them and I feel like Boys Town did that for us. Watching your children hear for the first time is an experience that you can not ever get, I mean its indescribable really. It's just inspiring to everybody. I had you know all these people say I love seeing this video every time and I mean that is just a cool moment. There is a reason that those videos go viral and people love to see it because it is such a cool experience and something you take for granted. You take hearing for granted. We live in Malcolm, NE which is a small town NW of Lincoln, really small like 420 people. Everyone said come to Boys Town. This was the place to be and so we felt like it was worth the hour drive here and I haven't regretted it since. We've been coming here for six years now and I"ll keep coming back every year. Everybody here that has worked with our kids has done a great job and we've seen progress in our kid's speech and everything else. It's changed our everyday life, I mean I went from a two and a half year old who said what all the time and you know, struggled to speak clearly and you know, you get these hearing aids and you get services and Cale's whole life changed. He's in second grade now. He's able to be in a classroom all day long and there is no way he would be able to do that without all the support we've gotten from Boys Town. From the first time we came, everyone is nice, from the check in staff to the audiologists and all the wonderful people who help them. We've always felt welcome here. Our kids love her. There is a good relationship there. We're more on a personal level than just coming to see the doctor. Our kids are always excited to see their audiologist and the rest of our family too as well. I just feel like they make you feel special. When I show up, Ashley knows, we have five children, she knows all our children's names. My kids are so excited to see her. We are excited to see her. She's excited to see us and to come to a big city like Omaha and have that personal connection is so big for us that I just feel welcome. We are thrilled with Boys Town Hospital. It is very family oriented. It is a family environment. I couldn't think of going anywhere else.


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