Neurofeedback Clinic


​​​What problems can neurofeedback help treat?

  • Chronic pain and migraine headaches
  • Mood instability
  • Anxiety
  • Attention and impulse control
  • Sensory integration

The Neurofeedback Clinic at the Boys Town Center for Behavioral Health® provides leading-edge treatment for pain management, migraines/chronic headaches and emotional regulation.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a treatment method that acts directly on nervous system dysfunction. It works like medication, but without the sometimesnegative side effects that can accompany that intervention.

Neurofeedback measures brain waves and uses that information to alter or change the waves that are believed to be playing a role in certain nervous system dysfunctions. During treatment, the electrical activity of an individual’s brain is displayed on a computer monitor or television. Using that electrical activity, we can provide ongoing feedback to the brain about its state in the moment and “train” it to produce different kinds of wave forms so that dysfunction is reduced or eliminated.

The techniques we use specifically address basic brain processes that can positively impact multiple problem areas. As treatment progresses, the brain learns to regulate itself more efficiently, often resulting in lasting improvements in mood, anxiety, impulse control and pain.

Treatment Population

The Neurofeedback Clinic works with patients ranging from five years old to adulthood.

How Long Do the Effects of Treatment Last?

Treatment effects typically last well after treatment concludes. Some symptoms may recur over time, possibly requiring periodic follow-up or booster sessions.

What is a Typical Treatment Schedule?

  • One 1-hour diagnostic interview and orientation
  • Twenty (20) 45-minute treatment visits
  • Treatment is most effective when initial sessions occur twice a week. Later sessions can be done weekly.

Costs and Payment Plans

Insurance carriers with mental health benefits typically cover the initial visit (diagnostic interview and orientation). Treatment visits are often not a covered benefit and require out-ofpocket payment.

Boys Town offers a number of payment plans and options. Please contact our office at (531) ​​355-3358 with questions.


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