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Boys Town National Research Hospital provides a range of mental health and counseling services for children who need assistance in coping with difficulties related to hearing loss. The Hospital’s professionals provide school-based services for preschool through high school students. Counseling is provided by a diverse team of highly trained and licensed mental health practitioners who are fluent in sign language and have firsthand knowledge of how hearing loss affects individuals and families. Boys Town National Research Hospital’s counselors:

  • Address a variety of family concerns including communication difficulties, behavior, hearing loss acceptance, cultural issues, self-esteem and identity formation.
  • Focus on educational issues including school difficulties, adjustment to hearing technology, peer relationships, assertiveness and vocational planning.
  • Provide inservice training for administrators, teachers, interpreters and students.
  • Provide onsite consultation and support for students in mainstream education.
  • Provide short-term family centered counseling.
  • Participate in the development of the student's Individual Education Program (IEP).
  • Provide referrals to appropriate agencies for intensive intervention.​


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