Autism Clinic

​​​​At the Boys Town Autism Clinic, families will find a comprehensive clinic designed to provide diagnosis, management and care for children of all ages with autism spectrum disorder, in one familiar location. Our goal is to maximize a child's neurodevelopment through early identification, innovation through research and coordinated treatment and care.

Screening for Autism

Families who believe their child may have autism spectrum disorder can ask their primary care provider for a referral for an evaluation at the Boys Town Autism Clinic. ​

The evaluation includes an overview of the child's medical and behavioral history and a thorough neurodevelopmental assessment. We are certified in the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS), a standardized diagnostic test for autism. The assessment may also include further genetic or IQ testing.

Characteristics of autism spectrum disorder include:

  • Trouble with social interaction
  • Difficulty with communication
  • Repetitive behaviors (hand-flapping)
  • Rigid behaviors
  • Obsessive compulsive behaviors

Virtual Care

We understand it is not always convenient or easy to come into the clinic environment. We offer virtual visits for follow-up care, medication checks and many specialty and clinical services.

School Support

We are here to help your family navigate academic success for your child. Our team will work with you and your child's school psychologists and counselors to help develop an individual educational plan (IEP).

Behavioral Therapy

As part of our comprehensive care, we are certified to provide applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy, which specifically is aimed at improving social, communication and learning skills in children with autism.

Autism Clinic Team

Our multidisciplinary team is led by pediatric neurologist, Shaguna Mathur, M.D., behavioral analyst, Katy Menousek, Ph.D., BCBA-D, and physician assistant, Kimberly Joshi, PA-C.​

Children with autism have unique medical and clinical needs and often have co-occurring medical conditions. Here, you'll find a team of specialists and clinicians working together to address the healthcare needs of the patient in:



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