​​​Center for Childhood Deafness, Language and Learning Research Programs

​​Translational research programs within the Center focus on the study of child language development and language learning in children who hear and in those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Our ultimate goal is to contribute evidence that will guide early and ongoing interventions for children and their families.

Word Learning Laboratory

The Word Learning Laboratory aims to understand how people learn new words, how knowledge of word meanings deepen over time and how to facilitate rich vocabulary learning among children who are challenged by language learning disorders.

Language Learning and Memory Laboratory

The Language Learning and Memory program aims to understand individual differences in vocabulary learning and retention, as well as identify teaching strategies that support long-term retention o​f words in children.

Brain, Learning and Language Laboratory

The Brain, Learning and Language​ laboratory aims to study how the brain learns language and what might be different in the case of a language disorder or language delay. The Brain, Learning and Language Laboratory team examines the brain’s ability to learn patterns of information in the environment. T​hese learning abilities are crucial to successfully learn the sound patterns and rules found in language.

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